December 14, 2017

Return of crews of Russian Air Force Su-34 bombers

Embraer - KC-390 Military Transport Aircraft Paratroopers Airdrop Flight Test

P 8A Poseidon Guardian of the Seas

Aircrafts of Royal Saudi Air Force

Yars missile in the Kaluga region

Raytheon to produce 618 JSOW for Saudi Arabia

Raytheon has received a $302 million contract to produce 618 AGM-154 Block III C Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) air-to-ground missiles for Saudi Arabia.

South Korea’s AH-64Es fire Stingers air-to-air missiles

South Korea’s AH-64E attack helicopters have test-fired the Stinger air-to-air missile for the first time.

Swedish Air Force Christmas Tree formation flight 2017

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